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Louvered Doors

Doors 4 security offers a full range of louvered doors. The steel louvered panels can be fitted into any of our steel door range to transform flat panelled steel doors into fully or partially louvered steel security doors. We offer a wide range of standard sized louvered panels to cater for any client's needs and also have the capability to manufacture a louvered panel to a specific size if a standard size isn’t suitable for your requirements. The most common sizes of louvers used in our steel doors are 479mm x 479mm and 479mm x 1524mm.

Louvers are installed into our steel door range to allow constant airflow through a particular room or passage of space. Some common uses for louvered doors are plant rooms, communal rubbish bin stores, electrical utility rooms, pumping stations, transformer chambers, and gas cylinder storage etc. Our standard louvered steel door range allows a 50% free air flow area.

The louvered panels from our standard security door range are manufactured in galvanised steel and have a grey primed finish. If you order one of our steel security doors in a particular colour the louver will be powder coated to match the door ordered.

We can also supply adjustable steel framed louvered panels. These louvers are designed to be opened and closed to alter the air flow through the door. When the adjustable louvered panel is fully opened it allows an air flow area of 40% and when the panel is closed it obviously doesn’t allow any air to pass through. This style of louvered steel panel is ideal for areas that are affected by changes in weather or temperature, for example in a kitchen environment where it can get hot during service and cooler when the ovens/stoves are not in operation.

We are also able to supply the louvered panel units loose if you require them on a supply only basis. We carry large stocks of this item so if you require them in a hurry don’t worry, we will be able to supply!

If you require the panels to be manufactured in stainless steel or any other material please contact our steel door sales team for a quote.

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