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Upgraded Door Closer

Finger Guard

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If you are concerned about children/elderly adults trapping their fingers in the door frame we can supply fingerguard protection that will prevent this from happening. Fingerguard protection is an anti-trapping device that we can install onto the opening side of the door where it meets with the frame. This stops delicate fingers from getting crushed, trapped or pinched as the door closes. Fingerguard protection is commonly used in nurseries, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, fast food outlets and most other public places.

The fingerguard protection will come pre fitted to your door and all fixings will be concealed so they cannot be tampered with. The fingerguard protection can also be temporally removed if you need to get access to the hinges. The fingerguard protection runs the full height of the door frame so you can have complete piece of mind. The fingerguard protection is made to be used on both internal and external applications and is made from a strong and durable material to give it an excellent lifespan. The product has been tested to 1 million cycles and comes with a 5 year manufactures guarantee.

As standard we would supply the fingerguard protection in a black finish and this is the only colour we keep in stock. We can however get access to a wide range of colours so if you want something specific please call our sales office on 01260 295996 for details.