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Fire Exit Drop Bar System

A fire exit door is usually the most vulnerable point of entry into a building when it comes to a break in attempt. With this in mind doors4security have developed our own drop bar system which will improve security and also make any break in attempt much more difficult. Our drop bar system consists of 2 heavy duty steel brackets that get fitting from the inside of the door. The brackets are fixed in a way that they cannot be removed from the door or tampered with from the outside of the building. The brackets leave a rebate behind the door frame and then we add a length of box section which sits behind the frame and secures the door in the closed position. The length of box section can be easily removed when the door is in use or added when the door is not in use. if the drop bar system is fitted onto a fire exit door the length of box section would need to be removed when the door/building is in use so if there is an emergency the occupants could still hit the crash bar and escape through the door. The drop bar and also the fixings will come powder coated to match the door and will come supplied pre fitted onto the door so it’s ready to use. if you have an existing fire exit door fitted you could easily retro fit a drop bar system onto one of our doors. If you are using the proposed door for the main entry point into the building then a drop bar isn’t really suitable, this is because you would not be able to insert the box section from the inside and then lock/unlock the door from the outside. A drop bar system can be installed onto both a single or double door. In some instances where security is a real concern we can offer the option of fitting 2 drop bars onto the back of a steel fire exit door. We can install one drop bar system into the top half of the door and a second onto the lower half of the door. If you want to discuss this then please call our sales office on 01260 295996