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Personnel Doors

Our steel personnel doors are available as standard or heavy duty steel doors. The personnel / entry doors do not include a locking system as standard, they are “blank” therefore will require an additional locking system to hold the entry door secure. We can supply the following accessories for your blank steel personnel doors:

Steel Door Panic Bars

The non-multi-point locking personnel doors can not only be fitted with a crash / panic bar (for more information see the panic bar page) but can also be fitted with a standard lock and key (for more information see the handles and knobs page).

Steel Entry Door Digital Combination Locks

We can supply digital combination locks (for more information see the digital locks page) for your personnel door making it the ideal door for a wide range of control applications such as business premises that require limited access for staff and to stop unwanted entry by the general public.

Additional accessories, a door closer for example, may be used in conjunction with the personnel doors to ensure that they re-lock on entry for the ultimate in door security. We can also supply vision panels for our entry doors (for more information see the steel doors vision panels’ page).

For more information or advice about our personnel / entry doors or any other of our products please contact our sales team on 01260 295996

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